Claim Your Space in a Crowded Market

Modern markets are noisy, and the answer isn’t more noise. To thrive, you need to stake out the right place in your market’s mind. Customers need to know why you’re different, and better. You need positioning.Different Better Positioning Book

We’re April Dunford and Alistair Croll, and together we’ve positioned hundreds of offerings and businesses. We think positioning has changed dramatically in recent years as a result of connected, curious consumers; vastly better targeting; faster business cycle times; saturated communication; and fast, vanishingly cheap experimentation.

A Practical Guide to Positioning

We’ve been blogging about startups and marketing at RocketWatcher and Solve For Interesting. Now, we’re taking that experience and writing a practical guide to superb positioning in noisy markets. You can read more about why positioning matters by clicking here.

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